Mold Information

RED FLAGS - Home Inspectors that offer mold inspections, termite companies that offer mold inspections, mold inspectors that offer remediation work.


Those who hire these contractors should become acquainted with the current state of the industry.  California has no regulation or licensing of mold inspectors.  Equally inadequate is when a nonscientist does biological testing armed with only a weekend certificate (Certified Mold Inspector or better yet Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor) from any numerous overnight mold organizations.  These inspectors are opportunist that specialize in profit.  Protecting the health of your family is not something you want to risk with a dubious mold inspector.


Susceptibility to mold spores has become a hot topic and a controversial issue among inspectors, lawyers, and experts in the field.  Numerous companies have entered the very profitable business of delivering mold test seminars and test results to the home inspection industry.  The fact is there is no acceptable or unacceptable levels of mold contamination set by the Centers for Disease Control, the Environmental Protection Administration, or any other independent authoritative source.  Without accepted thresholds, test results can be interpreted very differently depending on the tester/interpreter's personal opinion.  I believe that testing and interpretation of mold spores counts should be left to the true experts in the field, such as immunologists and toxicologists.  If you have concerns about mold and or other indoor air quality issues I recommend you contact an Industrial Hygienist.  For more information, please refer to